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Gender Mainstreaming in Preferential Trade Agreements: An examination of the Evolution of gender Dynamics in International Trade

13 November 2023

Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) have evolved from being primarily concerned with trade issues to addressing non-trade issues. Apart from focusing on issues like trade in goods, services, and intellectual property-related issues, modern PTAs, especial ...

Le systeme agricole et agroalimentaire tunisien face aux crises: Focus sur la chaîne de valeur cerealiere

31 October 2023

Ce rapport est la contribution de l'Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO) dans le cadre du projet TCP/TUN/3801 «Réponses aux conséquences de la crise de la covid‑19 sur les chaînes de valeur alimentaires et la sécu ...

Développement d'une plateforme d'information sur l'exportation des produits agricoles en Tunisie

31 October 2023

Author(s): Houssem Eddine Chebbi Yes Tunisia Plateforme d'exportation pour les produits agricoles_Chebbi_2022.pdf Author(s): Houssem Eddine Chebbi Download 25 December 2022 Trade topics: Agricultural Trade, Food security, ...

How to Improve Food Security in Tunisia: Step up Mutual Trade and Investment Links with the EU

31 October 2023

Economic, financial, and social ties are strong between the European Union and its neighborhood. More resilient societies in the EU’s neighborhood would mean that they are liable to suffer less damage from regional conflicts and global crises – and this i ...

Olive Oil World Price Forecasting: A Bayesian VAR Approach, published in Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization

31 October 2023

The Tunisian olive oil strategy is based on the development of exports. Extension and modernization measures of Tunisian olivegrove have come into effect these recent years in order to increase the exports and diversify the target markets. Like any other ...

Public debt, growth and stabilization in Tunisia: A new narrative for a structural reform agenda

26 September 2023

This paper assesses debt sustainability in Tunisia using the Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSA). We construct three hypothetical scenarios (A, B and C) over the period 2023-2027. The first two scenarios are called Business as usual approaches. In Scenario ...

Global value chains and firms’ environmental performance, published in World Development

26 September 2023

This paper analyzes the link between joining global value chains (GVCs) and firms’ environmental performance. Based on new survey data for firms in countries in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and MENA, we use propensity score matching (PSM) to compare simi ...

The Problems of Using the Latest Institutional Arbitration Rules for Investment Treaty Disputes

15 May 2023

International arbitration institutions have been requested to administer an increasing number of investment disputes. In investment arbitration, a responding state usually stipulates its standing offers to arbitrate in the bilateral investment treaty (BIT ...

Adequate Level of Data Protection and ADR in Cross-border Data Disputes — International Trade Law Perspective

15 May 2023

Regulatory measures on cross-border data flows are essential to personal data protection laws. The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) of the European Union (“EU”) is one of such influential personal data protection regimes, which has become a mod ...

AJWH 17.1_Special Issue on “Building a Sustainable Future: New Asian Regionalism in International Economic Law” Published

15 May 2023

In March 2022, the Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy, College of Law, National Taiwan University, published Volume 17, Number 1 of the Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy. For more information (inclu ...