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Infrastructure and intra-regional trade in Africa

25 January 2023

This study examines the impact of infrastructural development on bilateral trade flows using a panel of 51 African countries from 2003 to 2015. An infrastructure-augmented gravity model was estimated with different indicators of infrastructural developmen ...

Trade and Gas Emission in Mauritius: Impact on Socioeconomic Health and Environmental Degradation

25 January 2023

The chapter analyses the short-run and long-run effects of international trade on the environment. For this purpose, the bounds testing method to cointegration is applied to a small island country setting of Mauritius and over the period 1980– 2018. The r ...

Assessing the impact of technological progress on trade in COMESA: a PVECM approach

25 January 2023

research studies have been conducted on the link between technological ...

Organización Mundial del Comercio y Transformación Económica en Colombia: Comercio para un Desarollo Sostenible

28 September 2022

Este documento analiza la interacción entre el derecho de la Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) y asuntos centrales para la agenda global y, particularmente, en la agenda colombiana; (i) la seguridad y soberanía alimentaria en el contexto global y na ...

Foreign Real Estate Investments and Tourism development in island economies: An Panel ARDL Approach

23 August 2022

Tourism development and foreign real estate investment (FREI) are two aspects that have gained impetus in developing contexts over the past years. Using the context of small island developing economies, the study is being conducted to depict the link betw ...

Trade in Services and Poverty Alleviation in Mauritius

23 August 2022

development and poverty have been very relatively rare. This research ...

Impact of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic on FDI: Evidence from a Small Open Economy

23 August 2022

This study sets out to empirically examine the effect of the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the foreign direct investment flows of a small open economy, Mauritius. A preliminary analysis of the monthly gross direct investment flows data clear ...

The innovation and exports interplay across Africa: Does business environment matter?

23 August 2022

The paper investigates the relationship between innovation and export behaviour across manufacturing and services firms in Africa. The study is based on the general premise that innovation has a positive effect on firm’s exports (self-selection hypothesis ...

The impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the Mauritian export trade: a disaggregated analysis

23 August 2022

Purpose – This study aims at evaluating the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the export trade system for Mauritius during the first half of 2020 (January 2020–June 2020). Design/methodology/approach – An initial analysis of the monthly export time serie ...

Using the Structural Time Series Model to Analyze the Nexus Tourism and Foreign Real Estate Investment

8 August 2022

between tourism and FREI. For the research, yearly data spanning from 2000 ...