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Exports Diversification and Economic Growth: Case of Jordan and other

10 August 2017

and Economic Growth research.doc Author(s): Khawlah Abdalla Spetan Download ...

International Competitiveness in Services in Some MENA Countries

10 August 2017

This study analyzes the changes in the levels of competitiveness of four major service sectors –Transport, Communications, Travel, and Other Business Services- by using the market share position of a number of MENA countries. The approach we use will meas ...

The Jordanian Export Performance in Perspective: A Constant-Market-Shares Analysis

10 August 2017

This study uses Constant-Market-Shares (CMS) analysis technique to examine Jordan’s export performance. The recently developed UNIDO method has been applied to Jordan’s merchandise exports during the 1998-2010 period. WITS database has been utilized, cove ...

No Chinese Jackets Required: Clothing Quotas, Consumer Prices and Import Quality in South Africa

10 August 2017

of Mauritius No Chinese Jackets Required_V4 wcp research grants.docx Author(s): ...

Diamond Beneficiation and the WTO

10 August 2017

This paper considers the economics and trade law implications of diamond beneficiation in Botswana and, by extension, thoughout the SADC region. It explains the shift in policy and market position of De Beers which has moved from strident opponent to supp ...

Trade Liberalization, Export and Import Growth: Evidence from Uganda

10 August 2017

This concern has motivated researchers to investigate whether or not the impact ... of the trade sector infrastructure, the low value addition and limited research ... Mauritius University of Mauritius_WTO_Uganda_Report research grant.doc ...

The ASEAN Charter: The Legalization of ASEAN?

7 March 2019

This book is an attempt to analyse global administrative law through the elaboration and examination of a number of different cases and case-studies. The architecture of its contents mirrors the characteristics of this field. In order to fully grasp globa ...

Global Financial C and Remittances: The case of Kenya

10 August 2017

The global financial crisis of 2008-2009 had various channels of transmission to Kenya and one of them was through remittances. However, Data from the Central Bank of Kenya shows that remittances from the Diaspora only reduced for the first six months of ...

Tourism Industry in Africa

10 August 2017

attention for research in order to improve on the activities of the tourist ...

Impact of WTO Non Agriculture Market Access Negotiations on East African Countries Trade in Manufactured Goods

10 August 2017

and flanked out the areas that need to be researched on, with an ultimate ... countries trade in manufactures. Information gained from the research which ... Information from the identified areas of research will also assist EAC member ...