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Training Module Course: Women and Trade in the Americas, jointly prepared by Chairs in Barbados, Chile and Mexico

29 March 2022

Training Module Course: Women and Trade in the Americas, held online from 22 November to 2 December 2021, jointly prepared by Chairs in Barbados, Chile and Mexico The course, organized by the WTO Chairs of Barbados, Mexico and Chile, was made possible by ...

A Guest Lecture on Trade and Gender, at Global Trade Academy, Georgetown University

29 March 2022

This session was delivered at the Georgetown's University's Global Trade Academy 2022, and was themed "Review and Reform of Legal Foundations for More Inclusive Trade and Sustainable Development". My guest lecture focussed on trade agr ...


17 February 2022

The course focuses on the laws, principles, functioning and jurisprudence of International Trade Law. Students understand the principles of multilateral and bilateral trade and engage with the practice of international trade law with the help of current j ...

World Trade Law, at Stockholm University

19 October 2021

The course, taught to LLM students at Stocholm University, focused on the laws, principles and jurisprudence of World Trade Law. Students were taught the basic principles of multilateral trade and were encouraged to engage with the practice of internation ...

Trade and Gender Capacity Building Session to Researchers and Professors at IIFT, India

19 October 2021

A capacity building workshop on Trade and Gender to researchers and professors at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, India Session Trade Gender, IDB, Ecuador.pdf Download Yes Mexico 28 October 2021 Trade topics: Trade Negotiations, Gender and Trade, ...

Trade and Gender Capacity Building Session for Trade Negotiators in Ecuador

19 October 2021

Un taller de capacitación en negociaciones comerciales en materia de género para el Ministerio de Producción, Comercio Exterior, Inversiones y Pesca de la República de Ecuador (MPCEIP). Objetivo general. Fortalecer las capacidades técnicas y negociadoras ...

Managerial Economics

19 October 2021

Economic theory is the fundamental determinant of firms’ profitability and growth, and economic thinking should be an essential element in nearly every managerial decision. This course will examine the demand and cost determinants, and show how they apply ...

Principles of Microeconomics

19 October 2021

Industrial organization is essentially a branch of applied microeconomics which seeks to understand the causes and effects of various market structures on pricing and product choices. The course focuses on the theory of the firm and the industry in imperf ...

International Trade Policies and Systems

19 October 2021

This course will analyze trade policy tools in both perfect and imperfect competition. Trade restrictions are common in the world, so micro and macro-economics’ trade tools are used to study the effects of these restrictions on the different countries of ...

Direito Aduaneiro e Tributação do Comércio Internacional, oferecido pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Tributário (Customs Law and International Trade Taxation)

22 September 2021

O curso tem por objetivo reunir os especialistas mais abalizados da Receita Federal do Brasil, do Poder Judiciário Federal, do Conselho Administrativo de Recursos Fiscais, do mercado e da Academia para introduzir as ferramentas essenciais relativas ao dir ...