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External Dimension of the EU Performance

20 September 2021

The module deals with relations between the EU and its external environment. The focus is on the EU positioning in the modern world, key trends of the contemporary integration process from the point of view of international trade, investments, financial m ...

Theory and Practice of International Economic Relations

20 September 2021

Overview. The main purpose of the course is to provide students with fundamental knowledge of the theory and practice of world economy. The aims of the course are: To study international trade in goods and services, international capital movements, labor ...

International Trading System

20 September 2021

Overview. Students study the core principles of international trade system (ITS), and mechanisms of its development The aims of the course are: To study the key principles of the WTO and its agreements. To understand recent developments in international t ...

Legal Aspects of International Trade

20 September 2021

This course is designed to introduce students to the legal system governing international economic transactions and international economic relations, particularly centered on the World Trade Organization (WTO), the most significant institution for interna ...

International Economics

20 September 2021

This PhD course covers International trade theory and policy: Classical comparative advantage and extensions, H-O theory and extensions. New theories of trade under imperfect competition, factor movements, commercial policies theory of optimum tariff and ...

International Trade Theory

20 September 2021

This course provides a graduate-level introduction to the field of international trade. Topics include gains from trade, Ricardian models of technological differences, Heckscher-Ohlin models of factor endowment differences, trade under imperfect competiti ...

Potentiel Du Commerce Extérieur De L’algérie Envers L’afrique: Un Essai De Mesure

20 September 2021

Le but de ce travail est de tenter une estimation du potentiel à l’export de l’Algérie envers les pays de l’Afrique. La connaissance de ce potentiel est utile pour connaitre dans quelle mesure l’Algérie pourrait en tirer bénéfice de l’entrée en vigueur de ...

Master en Commerce Internationale

20 September 2021

Coordonnateur de la filière :  Pr. AZZEDINE GHOUFRANE Capacité d’accueil :  40 étudiants Objectifs  : Capacité d’analyse et de recherche en matière de commerce international; Acquisition d’un savoir spécialisé en matière de politique commerciale et de dro ...

World Trade Law

30 August 2021

The phenomenon of globalization over the last 50 years has been fuelled not just by technological innovation but also legal innovation. However, in 2016, the vote for Brexit in the UK and the election of Mr Donald Trump as the US President, has challenged ...

Master de recherche Macroéconomie et finance internationale

26 August 2021

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