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WTO Law Course

25 April 2018

The major of WTO LAW aims at cultivating senior inter-disciplinary professionals in international law and business who are excellent in both moral and academic performances, with solid foundation and knowledge structure in international law and economics ...

Great Lakes Trade facilitation Project TOT Manuals Validation Workshop Programme 22-24 May 2018 | Lusaka, Zambia

25 September 2018

The members of the WTO Chairs Program at the University of Nairobi spent 3 days working with delegates from the Great Lakes Facilitation Project in COMESA Lusaka to validate the Trainers of Trainers manuals. Validation Workshop- Agenda-1.pdf Download Yes ...

An Online Course for Master's Level- WTO Law: Understanding Law and Jurisprudence

25 June 2018

This online course was delivered to LLM students at Koç University in Istanbul by Dr. Amrita Bahri. The course focused on the laws, principles, functioning and jurisprudence of World Trade Organisation. Aim of this course was to enable students to underst ...

Regional Trade Agreements

2 November 2018

Bradly Condon delivered updated courses on WTO law and on Regional Trade Agreements in the undergraduate program of ITAM's law department, and developed new case simulations on WTO law for the course on Oral and Written Legal Argumentation. Course Ou ...

International Economic Law and the Environment

2 November 2018

Bradly Condon and Michael Ewing-Chow co-developed and co-taught a course on International Economic Law as part of the Law Schools Global League summer school 2017. This course focuses on the treatment of environmental and health regulation in trade and in ...

XEA Introduction to International Trade Theory and Policy/ XEA 309 International

5 November 2018

The course aims at analyzing the international economic system and the main problems and events, especially with regard to Kenya and other developing countries. Emphasis will lie on the theoretical framework that helps to explain the actual economic scene ...


5 November 2018

ECONOMICS-CURRICULUM.pdf Download Yes Kenya 18 September 2017 Trade topics: International ...

PhD International Economics

5 November 2018

The course seeks to sharpen and reinforce the expertise of the student with respect to the economic theories, models and methodologies used for the analysis of key international trade and finance issues in the context of varying institutional arrangements ...

Dr. MWANGI, ISAAC WACHIRA, graduated with a PhD in Economics “Dynamics of Financial Inclusion and Welfare in Kenya"

5 November 2018

This thesis aimed at developing both single product and composite measures of financial inclusion and to establish how it links to welfare and vulnerability to poverty in Kenya. This is motivated by the need to raise financial inclusion to the universal l ...

PhD Students Graduation

5 November 2018

Dr. Peter Kitonyo and Dr. James Gatauwa graduated on Friday, September 14, 2018 Chancellor’s Court the 59th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees and Award of Diplomas 59th Congregation_Degrees and Awards.pdf Download Yes Kenya 14 September 2018 Trad ...