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Regional Economic Gains and Losses of the Tripartite Agreement

30 November 2012

We have witnessed the resurgence of regional development in terms of regional economic integration groupings at the global level over the past decades. The fundamental objectives for the formation of these sub regional and regional integration schemes are ...

Foreign Direct Investment and Export Performance of Kenyan Manufacturing Firms

30 November 2012

Foreign direct investment is believed to promote exports of host countries by augmenting domestic capital for exports, helping transfer technology and new products for exports. It also facilitates access to new and large foreign markets, provides training ...

Trade in Agricultural Commodities

30 November 2012

of potential research areas that could help to unearth the key intervention lines ...

Non-Tariff Measures in Kenya: A Case Study

30 November 2012

The term non-tariff measures (NTMs) is defined to include export restraints and production and export subsidies, or measures with similar effect, not just import restraints. In Kenya many internal processes by trade facilitation agencies have been reporte ...

The EAC Common Market Protocol: An Investigation of its Negotiation- Based fault Lines and their Explanatory Potential for the complications of WTO's EPA Negotiations

30 November 2012

to be. On a broader scale of research concerns, it would be interesting ...

Informal Cross-Border Trade in Agricultural Commodities: Examples from Kenya and her Neighbours

30 November 2012

Informal Cross-Border Trade in agricultural commodities between Kenya and her neighbours has been growing with time, but knowledge of its magnitude, determinants and consequences remain largely inadequate. This has acted to inhibit formulation of appropri ...

Impact of WTO Non Agriculture Market Access Negotiations on East African Countries Trade in Manufactured Goods

30 November 2012

and flanked out the areas that need to be researched on, with an ultimate ... countries trade in manufactures. Information gained from the research which ... Information from the identified areas of research will also assist EAC member ...

Tourism Industry in Africa

30 November 2012

attention for research in order to improve on the activities of the tourist ...

Global Financial C and Remittances: The case of Kenya

30 November 2012

The global financial crisis of 2008-2009 had various channels of transmission to Kenya and one of them was through remittances. However, Data from the Central Bank of Kenya shows that remittances from the Diaspora only reduced for the first six months of ...

The ASEAN Charter: The Legalization of ASEAN?

29 November 2012

This book is an attempt to analyse global administrative law through the elaboration and examination of a number of different cases and case-studies. The architecture of its contents mirrors the characteristics of this field. In order to fully grasp globa ...