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Jordan WTO Accession: A Quantitative Investigation

19 November 2012

In light of Jordan’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2000, this paper explores the im­pact of the this accession on trade flows to investigate whether and how WTO accession facilitates trade growth by applying a standard gravity model. ...

Trade, Export Capacity, and the WTO: Evidence from Jordan

19 November 2012

In this paper we investigate the impact of Jordan’s accession to the WTO on its trade and international competitiveness. Using Jordan’s trade, imports, and exports data over the period 1994-2009, we apply the commonly used gravity model to examine the ass ...

Trade Liberalization Policy: is it working for Jordan?

19 November 2012

Jordan has followed a policy of trade liberalization and active economic integration during the last three decades. Although it has clearly succeeded in expanding the size foreign trade, it is less obvious whether this trade expansion has positively refle ...

Industrial Developments Horizons in Jordan

19 November 2012

  The aim of this study is to investigate Jordan’s industrial performance after its accession to the WTO in 2000 and the completion of its commitments to liberalize commodities trade in 2010.   Key manufacturing performance indicators have been measured f ...

Unilateral, Regional, and Multilateral: which pattern of trade regulation to prefer?

19 November 2012

Economic crisis of 2008-2009 promoted awareness of the necessity to transform in particular the contemporary international trading system.  With respect to trade policies the proposals aiming at achieving of more sustainable and efficient regulatory frame ...

Intergovernmental Economic Organizations and Economic Crisis

19 November 2012

2) research; 3) implementation of Doha Development Agenda (DDA); 4) ...

Russia and World Trade Organization (WTO) – end of journey or endless one?

19 November 2012

The article was publsihed in the Baltic Rim Economies. Quarterly Review. 28 Febuary 2011 The paper was written within a framework of the WCP       Author(s): Sergei Sutyrin Russia SergeiExpertArticle701.doc Author(s): Sergei Sutyrin Download ...

Russian way to the World Trade Organization (WTO): why did it take so long?

19 November 2012

Artcle published in the Baltic Rim Economies. Bimonthly Review. ISSUE NO. 2, 31 May 2012. The paper was written within a framework of the WCP Author(s): Sergei Sutyrin Russia Sergei BRE 2012 No2.doc Author(s): Sergei Sutyrin Download ...

Russia’s Accession to the WTO: Major Commitments, Possible Implications

19 November 2012

“Russia’s Accession to the WTO: Major Commitments, Possible Implications”, is written by a team from the Faculty of Economics at St Petersburg State University that was led by Professor Sergey F. Sutyrin, Head of the World Economy Department and the WTO C ...

Political Economy of Regional Integration: Europe, East/Southeast Asia, Latin America Compared

27 October 2012

  The post-cold war landscape of international political economic relations has been characterized by wide-ranging regional arrangements –despite resilient trends towards globalized economy. The process predominantly aims at easing trans-border management ...