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Projet de Contribution à « l’AFT Side event 2015 » portant sur: Aide pour le commerce au service de la facilitation des échanges: expérience marocaine

1 August 2015

La facilitation commerciale a toujours été considéré comme un facteur déterminant de l’intégration régionale et du développement du commerce aux niveaux tant national qu'international. Elle est tributaire d’un ensemble de conditions à savoir des infr ...

Possible trade facilitating and regional value chains promoting effects of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

1 August 2015

The EAEU came into force on January 1, 2015. In comparison with previously existing Customs Union of Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Republic of Kazakhstan it also encompasses Republic Armenia. Kyrgyzstan is expected to join the club in the ne ...

Streamlining South Africa’s Export Development Efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Decision Support Model Approach

1 August 2015

Given its abundant natural resources and accelerating consumer-driven growth, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has much to offer investors and traders. Yet SSA remains weakly integrated into global and regional value chains due to, among other things, geographica ...

An estimation of tariff pass-through in Tunisia

1 August 2015

In this paper we evaluate the extent to which changes in tariffs and in international prices are transmitted into consumer prices in Tunisia over the period 2000 to 2008. A pass-through equation is estimated using sectoral panel data at the retail-product ...

El nuevo mundo de las exportaciones: los servicios

29 May 2013

Este Brief analiza y muestra que la exportación de servicios es una de las formas más operativa y concreta de aumentar las exportaciones, especialmente cuando se trata de los servicios profesionales y empresariales. Adicionalmente, revela, mediante datos ...

La utilización del poder de compra del Estado en tiempos de crisis:¿Último bastión de las políticas públicas relacionadas con el comercio?

6 May 2013

Las contrataciones públicas y, en particular, la políticas de “compre nacional”, aparecen como una opción muy apetecible dentro del menú de herramientas con que cuentan los gobiernos para apuntalar sus industrias nacionales en tiempos de escasez de demand ...

Competition Policy under Economic Recessions: Historical Changes and Implications

31 January 2013

Before the current financial crisis, economic recessions in history were always accompanied by relaxation or abandon of competition policy. However, in the current financial crisis, although different jurisdictions have different practices, most jurisdict ...

Multilateral or Regional – WTO “and/or” FTAs? An Academic’s view of the Trenches

6 December 2012

I. Introduction A former professor of mine was fond of telling us, “Beware of men who ask binary questions because such men already know the answers they want to get”. When Singapore first started negotiating our first free trade agreements (FTAs), there ...

ASEAN IIAs: Conserving Regulatory Sovereignty while Promoting the Rule of Law?

6 December 2012

ASEAN IIAs: Conserving Regulatory Sovereignty While Promoting the Rule of Law? by M. Ewing-Chow and G.R. Fischer Author(s): Michael Ewing-Chow Singapore MichaelEwingChow+GeraldineFischer-ASEAN-IIAS.pdf Author(s): Michael Ewing-Chow Download 6 December 201 ...

ASEAN International Investment Agreements: The Incorporation of Global Regulatory Governance

6 December 2012

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has traditionally been regarded as a group of states operating on an ad hoc basis through informal understandings that impose no legally binding obligations. ASEAN’s informal approach is reflected in its ...