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The Digital Creative Economy, Global Value Chains and Developing Countries: The Role of Aid for Trad in Building Connectivity and Facilitating Market Entry for Developing Countries

11 August 2017

This paper addresses the rise of the digital creative economy which is one of the defining features of the contemporary global economy given that creative content accounts for a significant share of e-commerce as well as content on mobile networks, the In ...

Aide pour le commerce et connexion aux chaînes de valeurs mondiales: Quelles leçons pour la croissance dans les pays de la CEDEA

11 August 2017

Cette contribution a pour objectif d’analyser les relations entre l’aide pour le commerce, la connectivité aux chaînes de valeurs globales et la croissance économique dans les pays de la CEDEAO. Pour y parvenir, plusieurs outils et modèles sont mobilisés ...

How the Reduction of Regulatory Barriers to Trade in Services may affect the Architecture of Global Value Chains: The Case of TISA

11 August 2017

reflecting the increasing relevance of trade in intermediates. This research ...

Effects of Trade Facilitation on Sectoral Trade

11 August 2017

This contribution focuses on the analysis of the relationship between trade facilitation, transport costs and sectoral trade in developing countries. A gravity model is estimated using sectoral exports from 181 countries over the period 2004-2013. The mod ...


11 August 2017

The Pacific Alliance (PA) has become one of the main regional integration schemes in Latin America, with a discourse focused on actions, where trade facilitation is one of the most important elements in the work agenda. In this sense, the implementation o ...

Socio-economic and Political Structure of Risk in Trade: Cases from Yogyakarta/Indonesia Export-Oriented SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) Clusters in Tourism and Handicraft/Furniture Industries

11 August 2017

Despite resiliency in meeting challenges of past and recent economic crises as well as major natural disasters (Arfani and Hapsari 2013), Indonesia’s export-oriented small and medium enterprises (SMEs) —such as the ones forming the three clusters in Yogya ...

Assessment of Diverse International Trade Facilitation Measures: The Case of Jordan and Hong Kong

11 August 2017

of the WTO, of which Jordan belongs. In this research, the WTO TFA and other ...

L’export au service de la transformation structurelle au Maroc: Quel rôle pour l’aide au commerce?

11 August 2017

L’export au service de la transformation structurelle au Maroc: Quel rôle pour l’aide au commerce? Azeddine Ghoufrane Nabil Boubrahimi Marouane Raïssi Author(s): Azeddine Ghoufrane Yes Morocco L'export au service de la transformation structurelle au ...

The use of futures prices and options by Oman to manage wheat import price variability

11 August 2017

The objective of this paper is to evaluate whether using financial instruments such as commodity hedging using futures and options would help Oman to improve risk management in wheat imports. Around 61% of wheat imports by Oman during the period covered b ...

Oman’s Fish Exports to the EU: Do SPS Measures Matter?

16 November 2018

Oman’s fish exports to the EU have been experiencing a declining trend since mid-2000s. This paper investigates whether the SPS measures adopted by the EU affect Oman’s fish exports to European markets. The results obtained from the dynamic unbalanced pan ...