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Management potential of an international trade network based on cointegration analysis

20 September 2021

This article investigates whether cointegration approach can be the basis of an international trade network and whether such a network is relevant for analysis. We fit data on international-trade flows with a cointegration specification using cointegration a ...

Trade in goods of the EAEU countries with China and the effects of its possible liberalization

20 September 2021

This presentation deals with trade in goods of the Eurasion Economic Union countries with China and the effects of further liberalization. Yes Sherov Beijing 2019 Draft 4 short.ppt Download 13 September 2019 Trade topics: Eurasian Economic Union, China, R ...

Russian Trade Policy Achievements, Challenges and Prospects

20 September 2021

This book reveals the key trends in the modern Russian trade policy to provide a deeper understanding of the main challenges and barriers, possible paths and opportunities in its development.   An international team of authors investigates specific factor ...

Theoretical concepts of trade policy development and analysis: Evolution and modern challenges in the context of the international trading system transformation

20 September 2021

and their trade costs. In addition, research methodology for various quantitative ... as well as a comparative analysis of the identified research areas. Yes ...

Russia in Latin America: Beyond Economic Opportunities

20 September 2021

This chapter, was published in the book. " Forward to the Pase? New/Old Theatres of Russia’s International Projection ".    Despite the physical distance that separates Russia from Latin America and the Caribbean and weaker dynamics of trade and ...

Eurasian Economic Agreement trade agreements with Asian countries

20 September 2021

This presentation deals with the trade ties between the Eurasian Economic Union and Asia. Yes Шеров PPT 21 апреля 2020 ИЭ ЭФ СПбГУ на русском.pptx Download 21 April 2020 Trade topics: Regional Integration, Eurasian Economic Union, ...

Potential Effects of Trade Liberalization between the Eurasian Economic Union and Indonesia

20 September 2021

This presentation deals with the potential effects of trade liberalization between the Eurasian Economic Union and Indonesia.  Yes Шеров МГИМО 27 ноября2020 Индонезия и ЕАЭС ССТ очень кратко на русском.pptx Download 27 November 2020 Trade topics: Regional ...


20 September 2021

La Zone de libre-échange continentale africaine (ZLECAf), en cours de mise en place, est le premier accord multilatéral régional au monde en termes de nombre de pays et d'habitants. En parallèle, les dynamiques du multilatéralisme en Afrique sont mul ...

CALL FOR PAPERS WCP Virtual International Conference MSMEs and COVID-19: Impacts, Challenges and Opportunities.

2 September 2021

at specifically convening research and discussion focussing on the impacts ... and sectors. The conference invites conceptual, empirical research presentations, ... completed research papers and/or work in progress. Submissions ...

Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

30 August 2021

This article was published in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law.   More information on this publication is available here.  Yes 1 August 2019 Trade topics: AEAN, Trade Dispute Settlement Systems, ...