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Masters Degree of WTO Law

15 November 2018

Master Degree of WTO Law Discipline: Science of Law First-level Subject: Science of Law Department: School of Trade Negotiations Curriculum- Master Degree.pdf Download Yes China 1 August 2017 Trade topics: ...

Comércio Internacional (International Trade)

14 November 2018

Comércio Internacional (International Trade), Aug-Dec 2017, Feb-Jun 2018. LLB. in Business Administration and/or Public Affairs/4th year/FGV This course examines the rules of the multilateral trading system and preferential trade rules in order to analyze ...

Ordem Jurídica Internacional

14 November 2018

Ordem Jurídica Internacional (International Legal Order). Aug-Dec 2017, LLB. In Law / 1st year / FGV The discipline of International Juridical Order deals with the forms of organization and regulation of international relations. It begins with an attempt ...

Direito Internacional Econômico (International Economic Law), LLB. In Law / 3rd year / FGV

14 November 2018

The International Economic Law course is a hybrid course of public and private elements, combining the classic tripod analysis of the regulation of the inter-state economic system- monetary, financial and commercial systems- with self-regulation and exclu ...

CDP4: IV Workshop on the General Agreement on Trade in Services

14 November 2018

CDP4: IV Workshop on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS): A relevant course for policymakers and practitioners to enhance the knowledge of the Trade in Services and E-commerce while motivates policymakers and practitioners to pursue further ...

CDP3: Global Economic Governance

14 November 2018

CDP3: Global Economic Governance, Feb-Jun 2018 (LLM. in Public Law / FGV), Aug-Dec 2018 (LLM. in Public Policies / FGV This course works with interdisciplinary competences, the structure of international economics politics, involving basic international r ...

Post-doctoral Programme on Trade Regulation

14 November 2018

The Post-doctoral Program is on Trade Regulation. Currently, there are three candidates conducting their researches: (1) Digital trade; (2) international investments; and (3) regulatory barriers to trade. In the link (on the left- row D34), their project ...

Model WTO

12 November 2018

TIMUN TBS – Model WTO: Specify if it is an academic/policy oriented activity Tunisian International Model United Nation in partnership with World Trade Organization chair program at Tunis Business School organized the second edition of Model World Trade O ...

Master in Business Economics and Finance

12 November 2018

TBS and the WTO Chair Team worked together on a project of a Master of International Trade and Finance. The proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in March 2017. The Master was revised and resubmitted in June 20 ...

Fourth Trade Policy Course for Advanced Degree students

12 November 2018

WCP-TBS also organized its Fourth Trade Policy Course for master students (including all master students of TBS), PhD students and WCP-TBS senior fellows. Dr. Hendrik Kruse visited Tunis as an invited professor and delivered an intensive course on gravity ...