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Regional Trade Policy Course 2019

10 May 2019

THE WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION REGIONAL TRADE POLICY COURSE RTPC (MAURITIUS) 2019 The WTO RTPC fits within the WTO’s Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) activities. These activies aim at enhancing the human and institutional capacity of Members. For t ...

Climate Change and Trade Governance: Implications for the Travel and Tourism Sector in SIDS and the Caribbean

8 April 2019

The Public Forum is the WTO’s largest annual outreach event, which provides a platform for participants to discuss the latest developments in world trade and to propose ways of enhancing the multilateral trading system. This paper explores the evolving in ...

Digital Creative Economy and Global Value Chains: China and the Developing World

8 April 2019

Global Lecture Series, Wenzhou-Kean University, China. Presented to students and faculty at the Wenzhou-Keane University.The rise of the digital economy is one of the defining features of the contemporary global economy. It is also one of the fastest risi ...

The Caribbean Music Industry and the Digital Creative Economy: A Road-map for Innovation and Global Market Integration

8 April 2019

Segundo Encuentro de Carnavales del Caribe, La Fundación Carnaval de Barranquilla, Barranquilla, Colombia. The Meeting of "Carnavales del Caribe" discusses the economic contribution of Carnival in the Caribbean region. Drawing on the Caribbean’s ...

Presented paper on "Migration, Diasporas and SDGs" UN CDP/UNAM LNOB Expert Group Meeting, Mexico City

8 April 2019

Migration and the growth of global diasporas are key contemporary trends which impact on the pledge to “leave no one behind” in the 2030 Agenda. The developmental potential of migration is captured in four Goals and five Targets in the Sustainable Develop ...

WTO Chairs Programme Annual Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina

8 April 2019

The WTO Chairs Programme aims to support and promote trade-related academic activities by universities and research institutions in developing and least-developed countries. The 2017 WTO Chairs Programme (WCP) Annual Conference was held in Buenos Aires, A ...

Presenter on UNTV "Migration, Diasporas and LDCs in the SDGs" United Nations, New York

8 April 2019

Committee for Development Policy Members, Professors Elson, Klasen, and Nurse presented the CDP perspectives on how LDCs and other developing countries can expand their productive capacity for achieving the SDGs during the panel discussion held on 16 Marc ...

Panel presenter of paper entitled "Climate Action: Prospects for the Tourism and Travel Industry in the Caribbean"

8 April 2019

Annual SALISES Conference, Montego Bay, Jamaica. This conference examined the Caribbean’s prospects for 2030 against the background of the aspirations of the peoples of the region articulated during the 1947 conference and the global goals for sustainable ...

Interview with UNESCO Commission on Fair Trade for Culture

8 April 2019

Interview with Dr. Keith Nurse, World Trade Organization Chair and Senior Fellow SALISES, University of the West Indies, Barbados This video is part of the initiative "Fair Trade for Culture" of the German Commission for UNESCO. https://www.yout ...

10th Plenary and High-Level Meeting of the OECD Initiative for Policy Dialogue on Global Value Chains, Production Transformation

8 April 2019

The PTPR of Colombia started in November 2017. The Review will be launched in Colombia in December 2018. The PTPRs are carried out in the framework of the OECD Initiative for Policy Dialogue on Global Value Chains (GVCs), Production Transformation and Dev ...