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COVID-19 and its impact on women in International Trade

30 July 2020

An event organized by OWIT and IGC: Recording at: In this presentation, I addressed the following question: whether and how we can use ...

Can Free Trade Agreements Accommodate Gender Justice and Help with Inclusive Recovery in Post-COVID-19 World?

30 July 2020

Health pandemics affect women and men differently, and they can make the existing gender inequalities much worse. COVID-19 is one such pandemic, which can have substantial gendered implications both during and in the post-pandemic world. Its economic and ...

Online Conference: The 3R Initiative: Re-thinking, Re-packaging and Rescuing World Trade Law"

30 July 2020

Organised this online conference, with 20+ speakers and discussants from different universities and 100+ participants overall. The discussions focussed on rethinking, repackaging and rescuing world trade law. Details here: https://lawschoolsgloballeague.c ...

Virtual Roundtable: What Will COVID-19 Mean for the Participation of Developing Countries in the Global Trading System

31 May 2020

The unprecedented economic crisis triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19 is already having dramatic effects on world trade and appears very likely to trigger lasting changes to the world trading system, regardless of how the next phase of 'opening up& ...

Shaking up the International Order: WTO’s First Ruling on National Security Exception

25 February 2020

The work-in-progress paper was presented at the Academic Conference, Law Schools Global League, Feb 11 2020, at UNSW, Sydney. LSGL Feb2020 UNSW Sydney Full Conference Programme and Important Information.pdf Download Yes Mexico 11 February 2020 Trade topic ...

Mesa redonda: 50 años de la Convención de VIena sobre derecho de los tratados

14 November 2019

Este año se conmemoran los 50 años de la Convención de Viena y los profesores de derecho internacional del ITAM decidieron celebrarlo con una mesa redonda. Asistieron más de treinta alumnos y profesores. El Profesor Bradly Condon, Titular de la Cátedra pa ...

Two members of TRADE present at he 22nd Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis in Poland

6 November 2019

Two TRADE members presented papers at the 22nd Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)) that took place at the University of Warsaw in Warsaw, Poland on 19-21 June 2019. GTAP_Roland_Lorainne_WTO Chair_Adjusted_2 ...

Emmanuel Orkoh obtains his PhD under the supervision of TRADE Members

6 November 2019

Emmanuel Orkoh obtained his PhD under the supervision of TRADE members Prof Derick Blaauw (promoter) and Dr Carike Claassen (co-promoter) in May. In his thesis titled ‘Essays on trade openness, wage, poverty and intra-household time allocation in Ghana’, ...

Seminario sobre las Reformas en la OMC

29 October 2019

Angel Villalobos, Director General De Comercio Internacional de Servicios e Inversión de la Secretaría de Economía del Gobierno de México, organizó un panel en las oficinas de la Secretaría de Economía en la Ciudad de México, para funcionarios de gobierno ...


18 October 2019

ITAM hosted SIEL regional conference for Latin American International Economic Law Network on 14-15 October 2019. The conference theme was: “STEPS BACK IN THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW ORDER: IMPACTS TO LATIN AMERICA”. Twelve panels, more than 45 speaker ...