WTO and World Bank Joint Publication

11 December 2018

The Director General of WTO Roberto Azevêdo and the Chief Economist of the World Bank Pinelopi Goldberg launched the WTO/World Bank co-publication .... Read more

WCP Advisory Board speak at WTO Economic Conference

11 December 2018

The WTO economic conference titled "Updating Trade Cooperation: A.... Read more

The WCP session at the 2018 Public forum - "Adapting to the digital era: Challenges and Opportunities"

4 October 2018

The 2018 WTO Public Forum took place in Geneva, Switzerland from October 2 to 4 under the main theme of "Trade 2030" covering topics such as sustai.... Read more

Academic support activities on Trade in Services take place in Sao Paulo

27 August 2018

The WTO Secretariat conducted a three-day seminar on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) titled "IV Workshop Trade in Services and E-.... Read more

WTO Regional Trade Policy Course take place in Mauritius

6 July 2018

The WTO Regional Trade Policy Course (RTPC) took place over a period of 8 consecutive weeks, from 14th May to 6th July 2018 in Mauritius.

Mexico’s ITAM University launches new book on WTO dispute settlement

Mexico’s ITAM University launches new book on WTO dispute settlement

3 May 2018

A new book entitled “Public Private Partnership for WTO Dispute Settlement: Enabling Developing Countries” was launched at Mexico’s Instituto Tecno.... Read more

Trade workshop takes place at Tunis Business School

21 March 2018

A trade workshop for the Middle East and North Africa region was held at the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, Beit El Hikma, in Cart.... Read more

Southern African DSM user group gathers for 3rd annual conference

13 March 2018

TRADE, together with TRADE Advisory, conducts regular workshops and refresher sessions for the growing TRADE-DSM® user base, which is drawn from na.... Read more

TRADE and TRADE Advisory take the DSM to Rwanda

7 March 2018

Expanding and diversifying its exports has become an urgent priority for the government of Rwanda, a country that has been attracting increasing in.... Read more