World Trade Law

Mexico - 1 December 2019

Trade topics: International Trade Law, Trade and Development, Gender and Trade

Delivered at Koc University, Istanbul.

Level: LLM

Number of students: 28

The course focuses on the laws, principles, functioning, trade plus aspects and jurisprudence of World Trade Organization. Students will understand the principles of multilateral trade and engage with the practice of international trade law with the help of current jurisprudence and hypothetical dispute scenarios. The students will receive an appreciation of the purpose and functions of the WTO and be familiar with its principal rules, impact and jurisprudence. There will be a special focus on WTO’s dispute settlement mechanism and the landmark disputes covering different countries, industries and legal issues. Also, the students will be able to appreciate how trade interacts with and impacts issues beyond commerce such as gender concerns. Students will learn with a unique combination of lectures, class discussions and practice exercises. The approach employed will be practical (with real life examples), critical (with practical assessments) and contemporary (with recent developments).