Transformation of Russia's trade policy: turning to Asia, focusing on China

Russia - 8 September 2018

Trade topics: Trade Policy

The evolution of international economic relations in recent years has prompted the Russian Federation to reconsider its role in the neighborhood and on the global stage. In particular, the Ukrainian crisis and the Western economic sanctions against Russia clearly show conflicts of interest between major powers under the multipolar order. In this case, the Russian Federation is working to strengthen its foreign policy diversification, including economic and political cooperation with Asian countries. From a historical perspective, this paper examines the changes in Russia's understanding of global governance and the impact of such changes on trade flows. The author analyzes the considerations behind Russia's “ turning to Asia ” policy, assesses the impact of “ turning to Asia ” on Russia's trade policy, and responds to the current debate about whether Russia and Asian countries, especially China, are more suitable to restore friendly relations.
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