Technical Support and Talents Development for China’s E-commerce and Digital Economy Negotiation

- 8 July 2021

Trade topics: E-commerce, Digital Trade, Trade Negotiations, China, Asia

This project is intended to deliver research outputs and solutions to the major problems facing e-commerce and the digital economy in China and the WTO. The first part of the research will examine what approach China should take regarding global governance of the digital economy in the face of the US, EU and Japan's strategies, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also examine China's efforts to constrain data governance hegemony through the "Digital Silk Road," a component of the Belt and Road Initiative. The second part, titled “WTO Negotiations on E-Commerce and China’s Strategies" will propose appropriate strategies that China can use to engage in WTO e-commerce negotiations while also safeguarding the multilateral trading system. It will also present a regional (Asian) perspective on these topics.