Between macroeconomic shocks and vulnerabilities

- 1 May 2020

Trade topics: COVID 19, Economic Resilience

This was the fourth Webinar organized by the Econ4Tunisia initiative on Friday, May 1, 2020 from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. The debate on the Covid crisis brought together, around the presentation of the World Bank Transparency Report for the MENA region by Rabeh Arezki, the chief economist of the MENA region, several Tunisian economists and experts.
Dr Leila Baghdadi, WTO Chair holder at ESSEC of Tunis, spoke about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis with its triple shocks and the impact of the drop in oil prices following this pandemic. For her, the crisis caused a triple shock. These are the disruption of production, contagion in the global value chain and a shock in final demand.