Launch of podcast series "Conversations with Trade Negotiators"

Monday, January 8, 2024

WCP Chair in Ecuador - Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar sede Ecuador, launched series of podcasts #ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators.

The podcast features trade negotiators from the region to share their experience and views on the current issues in the field of international trade.

The recordings are available on Spotify, Radio Voz Andina Internacional, and on YouTube. More information on each of the episodes is available following the links below:


#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 1 featuring Ambassador Fernando De Mateo


#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 2 featuring Ambassador Isabel Albornoz


#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 3 featuring Gustavo Guerra Bello



#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 4 featuring María Amparo Albán



#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 5 featuring Alfredo Corral Ponce



#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 6 featuring José Valencia Amores



#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 7 featuring Edwin Vásquez



#ConversationsWithTradeNegotiators Episode 8 featuring Homero Larrea Monard, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade.