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MSc Applied Economics- SH500

23 November 2012

This is a two-year part-time postgraduate programme whereby students can specialise in four different areas of study and eventually be awarded the following specialised degrees according to their options: (i) MSc Applied Economics (Specialisation: Banking ...

BA (Hons) Economics and Law F/T– SHLM302

23 November 2012

The aim of this programme is to provide students with a sound grounding in economic theory and applications, in law and legal methods, and in the applications of law in economics. Students will gain a thorough understanding of Mauritian law and be able to ...

BSc (Hons) International Business Finance – LM306

23 November 2012

This Programme is designed for those students seeking to work in the fields of business finance and financial services. The forces of globalization have rendered more complex and competitive the industries in which firms are operating. Consequently, it is ...

Simulación Negociación en Servicios

19 November 2012

El pasado 17 de Octubre, se llevó a cabo en las instalaciones del Instituto de Estudios Internacionales (IEI) de la Universidad de Chile, la simulación de negociación de servicios, que operó bajo la dinámica multilateral siguiendo las reglas de la Organiz ...

The International Trading System and Policies

19 November 2012

Course Description This interdisciplinary and policy-oriented course intends to provide students with thorough knowledge on the international trading system and its development over time. Therefore, firstly, key international agreements and rules that reg ...

International Trade Regulations: the Law of the WTO

19 November 2012

Course Description With the growing economic interdependence of the world, understanding the international trading system is becoming increasingly important. With as much as 50% (or more) of profits of some businesses coming from transactions across borde ...