WTO Chairs webinar on digital trade in Latin America and the Caribbean

Friday, October 29, 2021

This webinar will focus on a number of specific issues policymakers need to address in responding to the challenges and opportunities offered by digital trade in Latin America and the Caribbean. The basis for the discussion will be the book ‘Adapting to the digital trade era: challenges and opportunities’, edited by Maarten Smeets which contains contributions by WTO Chair holders, members of the Advisory Board and WTO Secretariat staff.


  • Maarten Smeets (WTI)
  • Dorotea López (WTO Chair, Chile; Universidad de Chile)
  • Joyce Sadka (Law Dean, ITAM; Mexico)
  • Bradly J. Condon (WTO Chair, Mexico; ITAM)
  • Vera Thorstensen (WTO Chair, Brazil; FGV)
  • Valentina Delich (WTO Chair, Argentina; FLACSO)
  • Keith Nurse (Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St. Lucia)
  • Amrita Bahri (WTO Co-Chair, Mexico; ITAM)