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Prof. Dr. Achyut Wagle

Registrar, Kathmandu University

Dr. Achyut Wagle, a distinguished economist and academician, holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. His academic journey includes earning an MSc in Economics from the University of Birmingham, UK, and an MA in Development Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Throughout his career, Dr. Achyut Wagle has made significant contributions to the field of economics and academia. He served as a faculty member at the South Asian Institute of Management in Kathmandu, and his passion for economics led him to take on the role of an editor at Arthik Abhiyan National Daily. Dr. Achyut Wagle has been a key figure in advising and shaping economic policies at the national level in Nepal. Notably, he served as an adviser to the Prime Minister of Nepal, providing valuable insights and expertise to guide the country's economic direction. His influence extended to the financial sector, where he served as an adviser to Nepal Rastra Bank, the Central Bank of Nepal, contributing to the formulation of monetary policies and economic strategies, and an adviser to the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

In addition to his advisory roles, Dr. Achyut Wagle has played a pivotal role in academia, serving as a professor of economics and Associate Dean of Kathmandu University School of Management. His leadership and academic prowess were further recognized when he was appointed in the role of the registrar of Kathmandu University, where he continues to contribute to the institution's growth and development.

Dr. Achyut Wagle's areas of expertise and interest span a wide range of economic subjects, including Industrial Economics, Business Environment Analysis, Political Economy, Fiscal Federalism, Development Finance, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Techniques (QT), and Game Theory. His multidisciplinary approach to economics reflects a holistic understanding of the various factors influencing economic systems.

As a prolific researcher, Dr. Achyut Wagle has made significant contributions to the academic community through numerous research articles, newspaper commentaries, op-eds, and seminar papers. His work reflects a deep commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world economic challenges.

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Prof. Dr. Achyut Wagle

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