3rd MENA Trade Workshop

Tunisia - 17 May 2017

Trade topics: SMEs, Trade Modelling, Trade Policy

The 3rd MENA Trade Workshop on “Firms and Trade Policies” is organized by the World Trade Organization Chair at Tunis Business School partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, University of Tunis, World Trade Organization and the Trade Practice at the World Bank. It aims to bring together leading researchers from around the world, young researchers and PhD students in particular from the MENA region. It will take place at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo, Egypt.

The keynote speakers are Lionel Fontagné, Professor of economics at the Paris School of Economics, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Director of the Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne (CES, Paris) and Scientific Advisor at CEPII, in charge of Trade Policy, Robert Teh, Senior Counselor, Economic Research Division, World Trade Organization.

The organizers welcome papers on analysis at the firm level of issues including non-tariff measures and firm heterogeneity in developing countries, gains from trade, effects on firms of trade agreements, product quality, trade policy, duration of trade, market structure, and dynamics of MENA trade.

The workshop will last a day and half (17-18 May, 2017). It will conclude with a policy round table in presence of leading researchers, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

Instructions for authors
All authors are asked to submit a full paper and /or an extended abstract in pdf format only. The extended abstract (maximum 1000 words) should be submitted in English and should clearly state the research question, policy relevance of the papers, the methodology and data used (if appropriate). The author making the submission must provide the full names, affiliations, and email addresses of all coauthors for each submission. Please note that each individual may present only one paper during the conference, though they may be listed as a co-author on multiple papers.

Submissions to be sent to: chahir.zaki@feps.edu.eg by February 10th, 2017.