Talking export opportunities at the 2018 Agbiz Congress

South Africa - 7 June 2018

Prof Wilma Viviers and Mr Martin Cameron were keynote speakers at the Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) Congress which took place from 7-8 June 2018 in Port Elizabeth. Their topic was 'Developing strategies for export promotion using a Decision Support Model (DSM): Focus on the agricultural sector'. TRADE's agricultrual economics - Dr David Spies, Dr Ernst Idsardi, Dr Johnny van Merwe and Dr David Dyason - also attended the Congress. The annual Agbiz Congress is one of the leading events on the calendar of the South African food, fibre and beverage sectors, providing an excellent opportunity for agribusiness leaders and policymakers to network and discuss the future of the broader South African agro-food industry.

The topic of this year's congress was 'Uncertainty Creates Opportunity'. A number of top international and local experts gave presentations on important issues such as the current global agro-food environment, the global and local political economy, and environmental challenges that the various sectors face. In particular, speakers focused on the key issues of land and water reform, which are currently confronting South Africa, as well as the country's agriculture system, and the impact of technology on the competitiveness of the industry as a whole.