The WTO and regional integration: economic and legal aspects of regulation

Russia - 16 October 2018

Trade topics: Regional Integration

In the book, the regulation of international economic relations is examined on the basis of an interdisciplinary approach, i.e. not only from legal, but also political and economic perspectives. The book explores the basic principles of international economic law, the rules and norms of the World Trade Organization as well as economic and legal context of regional integration on the example of the European Union. It presents a critical analysis of the fundamentals in the regulation of international trade in goods and services, the protection of intellectual property rights and foreign investments as well as an assessment of the current challenges of the international trading system development. The book is the result of the joint work by Professor Ramon Torrent, University of Barcelona and professors of the World Economy Department, St. Petersburg State University. The textbook will be of interest for undergraduates, graduate students, teachers of economic and legal specialties of universities, as well as specialists in international economic relations and international economic law.