Forging Knowledge Co-Production on International Trade and Circular Economy Linkages in Developing Countries

- 8 July 2021

Trade topics: Circular Economy, MSMEs, Economic Sustainability

This project seeks to expand and promote knowledge co-production in developing countries on the linkages of the WTO, international trade policy, and circular economy (CE) from regional, national and sub-national outlooks. It is particularly important, especially in light of recent topics that have been the focus of G20 discussions. 
Through co-ordination with the Japan ASEAN Nagoya Club, a training module will be formulated to promote policies in line with CE principles among policy makers, SMEs, the handicraft industry, and the culinary sector. Other research will focus on engaging with sub-national policy makers in order to ensure that CE policies are being implemented at the grass root level. It will be disseminated to policy makers through a training module developed. The online platform established with UGM's funding will aid in outreach.