Enjeux de l’adhésion du Maroc aux négociations plurilatérales sur le commerce électronique : quelle stratégie pour le Maroc ? [The stakes of Morocco's accession to the plurilateral negotiations on electronic commerce: what strategy for Morocco?]

- 8 July 2021

Trade topics: Digital Trade, E-commerce, Trade Negotiations, Morocco

In light of the rapid advancement of e-commerce in the country, it is imperative that Morocco formulate a national e-commerce strategy and participate in the plurilateral negotiations which are taking place at the WTO. As a developing country, it must analyse the risk of adopting e-commerce rules that could widen the digital deficit in favour of businesses and developed countries which have a technological and historical advantage.
This project is thus aimed toward taking stock of Morocco's e-commerce sector, analysing its deviations from current international best practices, developing an action plan to operationalize the national e-commerce strategy, and finally, demonstrating the positive impact that increased digital trade facilitation can have on trade costs and competition. The results will then be presented to policy makers for consideration.