Short Training Course on Environment Economics

Oman - 4 February 2018

The chair continued its support to the organisation of short-training course in quantitative techniques in the field of international trade, agriculture and the environment for graduate students at the Department of Natural Resource Economics and other teaching units of Sultan Qaboos University. In this context, a short course was organized on the Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) paradigm for modeling agricultural and natural resources decision-making. The course has combined thoery with application using GAMS software. At the end of the course, particpants were able to write, solve and analyze problems related to the environment, agriculture and various other economic settings by using different MCDM techniques. The course took place on February 4-8, 2018 with the particpation of 18 graduate students. The course was delivered by Dr.Carlos Romero from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. Dr. Carlos Romero is an Emeritus Professor, co-author or co-editor of 20 books and around 250 papers (more than hundred of them appearing in the ISI data basis) with an interdisciplinary perspective that combines engineering, economics and applied mathematics.