Launch of a Research Group: International Trade & Investment Law (Law Schools Global League)

Mexico - 20 February 2019

Trade topics: International Trading System

The current times are challenging for existing trade and investment rules. Hence, this field of study presents many interesting topical avenues for legal research, and now arguably more so than ever before. Law Schools Global League has launched a new working group. The work to be done by this working group will contribute to the global discussion on the regulations of global trade and investment rules. The participating legal scholars will analyze the ways in which international regulations and agreements can address the key changes in our society and international economy. In this regard, the group plans to focus on the following areas and topics in the next two years:
Disrupting trends in trade and investment
Non-market economies in trade remedy investigations 
Trade and technology 
Trade and dispute settlement 
Trade and sanctions 
Trade and social values 
Regional trade agreements 
Trade inclusiveness