Curso avanzado de solución de diferencias en la OMC, 27-29 agosto 2018

Mexico - 27 August 2018

Trade topics: International Trade Law, International Trading System

On behalf of the WTO Chair in Mexico, I would like to express my profound thanks to Maria Pereyra, Senior Counsellor in the Legal Affairs Division of the WTO, and to Professor Edna Ramirez Robles of the University of Guadalajara and the Tec de Monterrey, Guadalajara Campus, for the brilliant course on dispute settlement that they delivered at ITAM for Mexican Government officials. I am also grateful to Mateo Diego-Fernandez and Carlos Vejar Borrego for participating in the discussion on the future of the WTO dispute settlement system. Thank you also to the WTO and the WTO Chairs Programme for their support. We are grateful for the support of the Mexican Government, particularly from Cristina Hernández Zermeño and Ambassador Roberto Zapata. Thanks also to Amrita Bahri and Andres Hernandez Barrera for their help with the course logistics.