On the Blue Economy: Concepts and Recent Developments in reference to Sustainability and Climate Change

Mauritius - 9 October 2019

Trade topics: Regional Integration, Trade and Environment

The focus of the lecture will be on the concept of the Blue Economy and other related concepts which are used globally; the contribution of the Blue Economy at global level in promoting growth and generating employment; Blue Economy as a paradigm shift; the essentials of Blue Economy; the issues involved in the Blue Economy such as the Measurement of the Blue Economy; Accounting of the natural capital; Ocean Acidification; health of the ocean and the optimization of the benefits from the ocean/marine resources. The lecture will also analyse the relevance of Blue Economy in developed, developing and emerging economies and the cooperation among all these economies to promote and strengthen Blue Economy globally. In addition to this, it will also try to explain the factors needed for its implementation in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) as well as Least Developed Countries (LDCs) across the world; and how can IORA help in strengthening Sustainable Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) through cooperation and collaborations among the Member States and Dialogue Partners of IORA. The lecture will also provide a detailed account of the developments of the ocean economy in Mauritius since 2012 and its role in transitioning the Mauritian economy into a High-Income Economy by the year 2020.