Trained Trainers from Rwanda on Gender and Development issues in cross border trade and Gender Based Violence

Kenya - 10 September 2018

Trade topics: Other

The training was held from the 10th to the 14th of September 2018 in Muzanze, Rwanda. It started with training on Manual 5 on Training Management, Delivery and Communication Skills followed by Manual 1: Simplified Trade regime. This was followed Manual 2 which was on Service Provision At Project Border Posts and National Coordination. The participants were then trained on Manual 3 which was on Gender and development for border officials and cross border traders followed Manual 4 on Gender based violence in cross Border trade. This was followed by a discussion on the second session of Regional TOT training and Country level training and support needed from COMESA Secretariat. Thereafter the participants were awarded certificates signed by the COMESA secretary General and the Chair of the WCP from the University of Nairobi.