National Preparatory Committee Workshop

Kenya - 14 November 2017

Trade topics: Other

National Preparatory Committee Workshop 14TH – 18TH November, 2017, Maanzoni, Machakos (Preparation for the WTO 11TH Ministerial Conference, 10TH – 13TH December, 2017 IN Buenos Aires, Argentina)
The workshop discussed the status of Implementation of the Decisions of the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference. It also analyzed issues on agriculture such as Domestic Support; Market Access; Export Competition; Cotton; Public Stockholding for Food Security and Special Safeguard Mechanism. The status of Negotiations and Kenya’s interests on non-agricultural market access (NAMA) was also analyzed including proposals on SERVICES in terms of Market Access in Services and Domestic Regulations. NEW ISSUES such as E-Commerce and their implications in terms of investment facilitation and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises were also discussed. Other issues discussed were
WTO rules – Update on Rules
 Fisheries Subsidies – Implications of the proposals that have been submitted
 Anti-Dumping
 Subsidies and countervailing measures
Kenya’s position in terms of development issues (special and differential treatment) intellectual property rights non-violation; status of implementation of the Bali package on trade facilitation; dispute settlement body and legal implications on issues under negotiations; recommendations, compilation of Kenya’s position and way forward and finally a presentation on the status of implementation of UNCTAD 14.