How far can Indonesia go? Utilizing TSIA on the would-be TPP impact for Indonesia?

Indonesia - 15 November 2017

Trade topics: Trade and Development

By offering the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (TSIA) assessment tools and beyond, the article discusses economic and non-economic aspects worth considering in light of Indonesia’s interest to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It identifies trade and non-trade elements of which future signatories of TPP Agreement such as Indonesia must take into account prior to its final decision on whether to join. Utilizing sustainable development perspective to assess a free trade agreement (FTA), TSIA offers a distinctive feature of measuring not only an FTA economic impact, but also non-trade ones that potentially arise from the agreement. This chapter accordingly offers a framework by which a careful and thorough assessment is required and of which rational calculation is settled on whether the benefits of joining TPP would outweigh the costs of remaining outside the agreement.

This is a chapter in a book "Paradigm Shift in International Economic Law Rule-Making":