UNCTAD/ESCAP-ARTNeT Capacity Building Workshop on “Non-Tariff Measures: economic assessment and policy options for development”

Indonesia - 3 July 2018

Trade topics: NTMs, Trade and Development

Center for World Trade Studies UGM took part in ARTNeT Capacity Building Workshop on Non-Tariff Measures: Economic Assessment and Policy Options for Development. The workshop was held by UNCTAD and ARTNeT UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand from July 3-6, 2018. During the first two days, this workshop provided participants with a better understanding of the evolving role of NTMs in international trade. On day 3 of the workshop, the participants were introduced to R (R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics) and learn how to use it to analyse NTMs, and their impact on trade and trade costs. On the final day, participants used World Bank’s SMART modelling tool to conduct partial equilibrium analysis. The last session of the day introduced the participants to input/output analysis to examine the effects of trade policy on overall economy. Link to the Workshop: https://www.unescap.org/events/unctadescap-artnet-capacity-building-work...