Indonesia - 1 May 2017

Trade topics: International Trading System

Global Trade Diplomacy (GTD) is a multi-disciplinary graduate program in International Trade Studies which is initiated and developed under WTO Chairs Program (WCP) UGM Indonesia. GTD is currently administered under Graduate Program in International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM. It however comprises UGM’s faculty members originated from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture to Faculty of Economics and Business.

Topics Developed

Cluster on World Trade Dynamics: different dimensions of world trade and its dynamics which include important topics like on regional trade (AFTA, APEC, ASEM or FTAs), bilateral trade, and trade in goods and services
Cluster on WTO: the development of WTO’s institutional arrangement which covers issues on trade in goods (GATT/General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), trade in services (GATS/General Agreement on Trade in Services), intellectual property rights (TRIPS/Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights), foreign investment (TRIMS/Trade-Related Investment Measures), agriculture (AoA/Agreement on Agriculture), dispute settlement (Dispute Settlement Mechanism) and trade policy review (Trade Policy Review Mechanism)
Cluster on Technology for Competitiveness: technicalities and technological dimensions of world trade arrangement that includes subjects on technology development, product standardization and patents

Competencies Developed

Trade Negotiation and Diplomacy: comprehension of bilateral, regional and international trade relations and organizations
Legal Expertise in Trade: analytical as well as practical capability in interpreting and understanding legal texts in international trade practices (especially under WTO Laws/Agreements and business contract practices)
Proficiency in Economic Policy Analysis: domestic and international trade-related policy and economic mechanism
Other Technical Competencies in Trade: comprehension and skills on international quality standardization, etc. both in goods and services