CTIL-India TradeLab Clinic Training Programme

India - 9 December 2022

TradeLab is a Geneva-based initiative which brings a unique experience of understanding, studying and research in international trade law and international investment law among all its stakeholders. Through pro bono Legal Clinics and Practica, TradeLab connects students and experienced legal professionals to research organizations, SMEs and civil society to build lasting legal capacity.

The CTIL India-TradeLab clinic, which started in August 2020, with law schools across India has emerged bottom-up in this regard. At CTIL-TradeLab clinics, international law students benefit from the strong ties with international organizations, not-for-profit, and business actors; renowned faculties; and its research environment.

The main aim of this Training Programme is (1) to better prepare law students by providing them with hands-on legal experience, (2) to take full advantage of international organizations so as to offer both faculty and students a unique experience, and (3) to offer pro bono legal information and research to the many stakeholders in global economic affairs who are affected by international trade and investment agreements and dispute settlement but do not have the resources to fully engage in this field.