Deadline extended for the Model WTO Conference

Model WTO Conference
Model WTO Conference

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Model WTO is a student-run initiative at the University of St Gallen with the purpose of hosting a one-week simulation of World Trade Organization negotiations. Every year since 1997, leaders of tomorrow from across the globe are invited to Switzerland to exchange creative ideas and discuss the future of international trade policy in the exceptional context of the World Trade Organization.
This year’s topic is about “WTO and subsidies”. Once perceived as a threat to global trade, subsidies wield the power to either widen the gap between developed and developing countries or act as a catalyst for economic growth. Amidst this complexity, subsidies can also play a pivotal role in green industrialization, offering a potential solution to climate change challenges.

Date and place of the conference: 20-27 March 2024 in St. Gallen and Geneva
Application details:
Application deadline: 23 December 2023