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Lecturer and facilitator "Global Scenarios"

8 April 2019

Post-MBA programme, Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Yes Barbados 9 January 2017 Trade topics: Trade in ideas, ...

Lecturer "International and Caribbean Business Environment"

8 April 2019

International Masters Business Development and Innovation, Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Course description: The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive un ...

Lecturer "Caribbean Contemporary Trade Policy"

8 April 2019

Masters in International Trade Policy, Shridath Ramphal Centre for Trade Law, Policy and Services, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. Course description: This course is intended to map the participation of Caribbean economies in gl ...

Trade and the Environment

1 February 2019

Created and ran a course on Trade and the Environment with Bradly Condon in July 2017 at ITAM, Mexico as part of the LGLS Summer School. This course focuses on the treatment of environmental and health regulation in trade and investment disputes. Its dura ...

Empowering Perspective on International Commerce

25 January 2019

EPIC stands for "Empowering Perspectives on International Commerce", formerly known as the World Trade Model Community (WTMC). We are a community that serves as a dedicated forum for students to learn and discuss global trade issues ranging from ...


25 January 2019

Global Trade Diplomacy (GTD) is a multi-disciplinary graduate program in International Trade Studies which is initiated and developed under WTO Chairs Program (WCP) UGM Indonesia. GTD is currently administered under Graduate Program in International Relat ...

Established a library section for WTO related books and news

24 January 2019

With the books and electronic resources purchased, a section dedicated to the WTO related matters is being built up in the library at Istanbul Bilgi University. The books purchased bear the WCP logo and are displayed in the Library. Subscription to three ...

Course on Moot Court and Advocacy Skills

23 January 2019

A course on “Moot Court and Advocacy Skills” has been introduced into the Law School curriculum in September 2017. The 25 students who formed the University’s John Jackson Moot Court Competition on WTO Law Team were trained ...

Trade and Unfair Competition AND Trade Defence Instruments

23 January 2019

WTO Chair holder offered a new LL.M course on “Trade and Unfair Competition” for the Fall term and a module on “Trade Defence Instruments” has been placed within the Certificate Programme on Competition Law. By offering both the LL.M Course and a module w ...


21 January 2019

Internalization and Non-Equity of International Involvement; Transaction Costs and the Theory of the Multinational Enterprise; Mergers and Theory of FDI; Conventional Theory and Unconventional Multinationals: Do New Forms of Multinational Enterprise requi ...