Open Registration:The Architecture of the 2022 Fisheris Subsidies Agreement: Sustainability, Faithful Implementation and Beyond

Chinese Taipei - 18 September 2023

Trade topics: Sustainability, Fisheries

Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy (ACWH), College of Law, on behalf of National Taiwan University, was selected as a member of Phase III of the WTO Chairs Programme (WCP) in 2022. This program involves conducting in-depth research, teaching, and promoting WTO-related issues. ACWH will hold a one-and-half-day international academic conference at the International Conference Hall of the Tsai Lecture Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University, on 18-19 September 2023. The conference will focus on the theme “The Architecture of the 2022 Fisheries Subsidies Agreement: Sustainability, Faithful Implementation, and Beyond” and invite experts, scholars, officials, and industry professionals from various countries to discuss the Fisheries Subsidies Agreement negotiated during the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference in 2022. The conference will be conducted in English. We cordially invite you to join the conference.

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