WTO Annual Report 2016: State-owned Enterprises and Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises under the Global Value Chain Background

China - 1 May 2017

Trade topics: Other

In the field of international economic and trade governance, state-owned enterprises and their relevant international competition rules have increasingly become a heated issue; at the same time, with the further development of global value chains, SMEs' participation in the international market has become one of the important issues in the multilateral negotiations of regional trade agreements and the World Trade Organization. In the context of global value chains, this book attempts to explore the competition rules of state-owned enterprises, the possible opportunities and challenges for SMEs to participate in international trade, and how China can compete for its voice in the global value chains. Meanwhile, in the background of the Asia-Pacific regional value chain being constructed, this book proposes China's strategic choice to improve the division of labor and status in the global value chain.