A Governança Mundial da Sustentabilidade

Brazil - 14 September 2018

Trade topics: Other

Brazil has applied to become a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Considering this, the present analysis seeks to understand the role of the OECD in global governance of sustainability. Indeed, if Brazil is accepted as a member of the organization, the country will have to progressively make political and legislative changes in order to converge with the OECD guidelines. The article is organized in three parts. The first topic deals with Green Growth in the OECD and the repercussions of Agenda 2030. The second section presents the institutional structure of the OECD for the development and implementation of environmental projects, programs, actions and systems. The third topic organizes the OECD reports in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, further elucidating the decisions of the Organization on the environment. The paper carried out a documentary analysis of the OECD reports which summarizes the environmental measures of its projects and allows a description of what can be described as its environmental policy.