Ordem Jurídica Internacional

Brazil - 1 August 2017

Trade topics: International Trade Law

Ordem Jurídica Internacional (International Legal Order). Aug-Dec 2017, LLB. In Law / 1st year / FGV
The discipline of International Juridical Order deals with the forms of organization and regulation of international relations. It begins with an attempt to understand international relations as a set of interactions - multiple and varied - that take place in the international sphere and involve the most varied social actors, but also as a science and discipline that tries to understand these interactions, their dynamics, their determining forces and they are resulting. It then traces the distinction between the interstate system and international society. From that point on, an investigation began on the regulation of international relations, operating a progressive closure: starting with the generic notion of the organization of social space, passing through the notions of normative (not necessarily juridical) regulation, normative pluralism, and international law. The study of the latter begins in more detail the stop occurs over the weeks with the study of several cases. The last weeks are devoted to the study of cases that escape the international public law and refer to relations between private entities.