SDGS & TRADE POLICY BRIEF SERIES: Investment Promotion and Facilitation for Financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Caribbean

Barbados - 15 July 2021

Trade topics: Trade Facilitation

Trade and sustainable development share a complex relationship. The economic benefits of trade make it easy to see how it can assist with the achievement of the economic-based SDGs. But beyond that, trade also impacts the social and environmental pillars of the other SDGs. When assessing trade within the context of sustainable development, trade becomes a double-edged sword. Absent supporting frameworks and policies, trade when pursued unsustainably can actually hinder the achievement of the 17 SDGs. But with the right tools, trade can make a big difference in helping countries achieve their SDG commitments. Recognizing this, the SRC is committed to leveraging trade for sustainable development by conducting research and raising public awareness in this area through dedicated webinars, policy briefs, courses and outreach events. We hope that you enjoy this new SRC policy brief series and we encourage you to regularly check the SRC’s website at for updates and new releases.