Kenya - 15 January 2018

Trade topics: Other

The work involved developing pedagogical materials that will be used in training of Trainers (TOT). It involved developing training material and delivery of the actual training of trainers. The target trainees for all ToTs would be the national trainers, i.e. those identified by the three project countries (Uganda, Rwanda and DRC) who will be responsible for delivering trainings at national level on the lines of the courses received by COMESA. The TOTs would be target trainees who included traders and border officials in each country and other stakeholders identified at national level. The first TOT manual focused on Simplified Trade Regime. The second TOT manual focused on service providers or officers at the border post and coordinators from Member States in relation to promoting professionalism in basic principles of customer management by upholding a code of conduct that makes staff accountable. This manual in addition, explained the essential tenets of the Regulations on the Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Small Scale Cross-Border Traders in terms of the obligations of border officials and the need to treat cross-border small scale traders in a decent and fair manner. The training component also covered conflict management and strengthened leadership skills bearing in mind the presence of different levels of officials at the border post in order to make them account to the responsibility that comes with their positions. The third TOT manual introduced gender and development concepts and what it means in relation to trade and trade facilitation at the border posts. The fourth TOT referred to the routine security concern of traders especially those that women small scale cross border traders face at the border post and in surrounding areas. The fifth TOT manual dealt with training management and delivery, including training approaches and participatory methodologies, communication techniques, key messages and any other aspect related to the actual delivery of the TOT courses.