WTO Chairs Website

The WCP dedicated website intends to facilitate the sharing of information, encourage discussion, with a view to promoting internet-based networking among associated institutions and individuals.

19 Chair Holders

19 Chair Holders

The Programme is comprised of a network of chairs from around the world

15 Board Members

15 Board Members

The Programme is advised by an Advisory Board, an external body composed of experienced scholars whose role is to ensure the academic quality of outputs generated by Chair holders.

5 Team Members

5 Team Members

The Programme is currated by a dynamic team in Geneva


The WTO Chairs Programme was launched in 2010. It aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of the trading system among academics and policy makers in developing countries through curriculum development, research and outreach activities by universities and research institutions.

Academic institutions awarded WTO Chairs receive support in the areas of research, curriculum development, and outreach activities. The chair-holders are selected through a competitive process. Fourteen institutions were originally selected as WTO Chairs for a four-year term in 2009. Seven institutions were added to the Programme in May 2014 following a call for tenders.

Objectives of the programme

The main objectives of the Programme are to:

• Promote research in trade-related matters and highlight policy relevance
• Support the development and delivery of courses on international trade and provide teaching support
• Encourage outreach activities
• Collate information and promote knowledge sharing on international trade
• Establish a network of engaged academics

Our book - Trade Costs and Inclusive Growth

Edited by Robert Teh, Maarten Smeets, Mustapha Sadni Jallab and Fatima Chaudhri
“Trade Costs and Inclusive Growth” looks at how implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) can help to reduce trade costs and promote growth. The publication brings together contributions from ten participants in the WTO Chairs Programme, which supports trade-related activities by academic institutions in developing countries.