Kenya - 15 January 2018

The book is divided into 8 chapters each written by a different author. The first chapter by Seth Gor assessing the extent of deep integration within EAC by focusing on Kenya's trade in agricultural commodities. The second chapter by Tabitha Kiriti-Nganga looks at the impact of trade liberalisation on food security in Kenya while the third chapter by Bethuel Kinuthia links export survival and the determinants of exports in Kenya. The fourth chapter by Daniel Abala tries to answer the question on whether foreign direct investment enhances economic growth using Kenyan data. Mary Mbithi analyses the implications of WTO NAMA Negotiations on exports of EAC Manufactured products in Chapter five while Samuel Oganda and Jasper Okelo explores the impact of oil find in Kenya and whether it will be a blessing or a curse. Chapter seven by Mary Mbithi explores the implications of the elimination of tariffs under NAMA Negotiations and the EAC_EU Economic Partnership Agreements while the last chapter by Tabitha Kiriti-Nganga analyses the link between international trade process and Trade Policy.