Kenya: Assessment of access to government public procurement opportunities for women, youth and persons with disabilities

Kenya - 24 November 2017

Trade topics: Other

This study sought to Investigate the extent of participation of beneficiaries (women and youth) in accessing the government procurement opportunities in terms of volume and value of government tenders awarded to women owned, youth and PWD owned businesses; Identify existing barriers/challenges that prevent Youth, Women and PWDs from utilizing AGPO opportunities fully including assessing the level of awareness among AGPO target groups; Identify barriers/ challenges for procuring entities (PE) in implementing AGPO and make recommendations of how to strengthen the existing AGPO monitoring/reporting and tracking systems at Public Procurement Regulatory Authority and at the AGPO Secretariat at the National Treasury; and Provide recommendations to the relevant stakeholders including the policy makers, public entities, UN Women and AfDB on how to support the initiative achieve its objectives in compliance with the law. The study used participatory, evidence based, output oriented, and practical methods in data collection and applied both quantitative and qualitative research methods in data analysis. The method for data collection was limited to; document review/desktop, and face to face interviews involving key informants and individual women, youth and persons with disabilities. Data was collected from 5 counties namely Nairobi, Nyeri, Kajiado, Machakos and Nakuru. The sample size consisted of 61 women owned enterprises and 37 key informants comprising of procurement officers, authority to incur expenditure officers and finance officers from public procurement entities. The findings are presented in tables, graphs and in narratives.