WTO Law Course

China - 22 April 2018

The major of WTO LAW aims at cultivating senior inter-disciplinary professionals in international law and business who are excellent in both moral and academic performances, with solid foundation and knowledge structure in international law and economics and well up in communicating in foreign languages. This major focuses on cultivating abilities of international trade negotiations and international dispute resolution, and bringing up much-needed application-oriented professionals adapt to international organizations, governments, multinational corporations and intermediary service organizations, etc. The research area includes:
1. International Law and Economics
2. Dispute Settlement and Fair Trade
3. International Intellectual Property Rights
4. WTO Literature Translation and Research
Students are required to obtain 39 credits throughout the program, which includes no less than 36 credits for required courses, 2 credits for lectures and 1 credit from social practice. Main courses include Public International Law, Seminar on WTO Trade in Goods, Seminar on WTO Trade in Services, WTO Economics, Economic Law, Chinese trade law, International Commercial Arbitration, TRIPs and so on.