World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Race 2020: International Trade Specialists Perspectives

Mexico - 3 September 2020

Trade topics: International Trading System

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) upcoming selection by its members of the new Director-General (DG), is more critical than ever before. With a tightly contested race of eight highly-skilled candidates, a number of well renowned international trade experts assessed the race and its importance to the organization and its members, the field of candidates, what type of leadership and skill-set is needed, and who is likely to be gain consensus amongst the members. The panel consisted of six world-renowned international trade experts, ranging from Geneva based diplomats, former WTO lawyers, Financial/Economic specialists and international trade law experts.


• International trade law Professor, ITAM; WTO Co-Chair for Mexico, Dr. Amrita Bahri – Mexico (@bahri_amrita)

Panellists are:
• H.E Chad Blackman – Barbados’ Ambassador the World Trade Organization (@bajandiplomat)
• Dr. Jan Yves Remy – Former WTO Appellate Body Attorney - St. Lucia (@luciangal2)
• Michelina Chindiya – Financial Specialist and BBC UK/Africa Contributor - Zimbabwe (@misschindiya)
• Omar Nasik – International Trade Lawyer and businessman – Bangladesh (@omarnasik)
• Peter Puzio – International Trade Lawyer – Poland